My Birthday

For my birthday, my dad took Jackson and me to a hotel with a huge pool.  One part of the pool was really deep.

We also went to Chili’s, and I got pasta with chicken.  Then we went to get Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.  Before we went to bed, we watched TV.

In the morning, we took showers.  Then we got ready for school.  Then we drove to school and got breakfast at Dunkins.  We all got breakfast sandwiches.  My dad dropped me off.  I had to use my brother’s bag for school, and I found a water bottle in our car.  I already had my binder because it was with my school books.

Where My Feet Went This Summer

This summer I went to Maine for my brother’s baseball tournament.  My family and I stayed at my great aunt’s lake house.  We got to swim a lot.  My sister had a cast on, so she had to put a bag over her cast.  We went tubing on the back of their boat.  We also just jumped off the dock.  My dad, brother, and I also went to the beach.  It was so fun!

It’s Okay

It’s okay to like dogs.

It’s okay to do flips.

It’s okay to swim and to have long hair.

It’s okay to play with toys.

It’s okay to have your ears pierced.

It’s okay to eat pasta and like baseball.

It’s okay to play with my dogs.

It’s okay to play with my stuffies too.

It’s okay to color pictures.

It’s okay to watch shows.

It’s okay to snuggle with my dog.

It’s okay to like ice cream.

If I Were a 49er: Panning for Gold

I am a forty-niner, and I am on a trip to the Gold Rush.  It has been a hard trip, but we are almost there.  Some of my friends have died.

Now we have gotten to the gold rush.  We’ve only found a little bit of gold.  Now when we are panning for gold, we can’t find a lot of gold.  The food is getting to be more money.

It is hard panning for gold!  The water is so cold, and we get frostbite sometimes.  We have to hunt a lot for food.

We got poor, so we had to give up and leave California to go home.

Ode to Pizza

Ode to Pizza

(a playful poem)


Oh, pizza, I adore you!

Oh, pizza, oh, pizza,

So cheesy and delicious.

Pizza, you are so shiny and beautiful.

My eyes are melting with joy.

Oh, pizza, I love you so much.

I adore you the most.

You are so lovely just coming out of the oven,

And I knew the minute I saw you that I loved you.

I knew you were so pretty.

My heart is pounding for joy at the sight of you.

You were sizzling,

And I couldn’t resist eating you.

I love you to the end.