Young Eagles

When we first got to the airport, I was nervous and excited at the same time.  It was so fun watching planes take off and land.  Young Eagles is such a great place to go.

When Morgan, Rachel, and I took off, I was super excited!  When we were in the air, it felt magical.

Now let me tell you about some of the places we went over.  We went over the Quechee Gorge, White River, stores, and we also passed this place that is called Fore, which has an ice cream place and mini golf.

I loved flying so much, and I wish we could do it again.  One of my favorite parts of flying was seeing everything in a different perspective.  I also loved looking out the windows of the control tower.  The plane I went on was called The Sky Hawk.  

Some of the best parts about flying are that you can see different things.


Brown and Green Parts of Spring

Brown and Green Parts of Spring


The brown part of spring

Is full of gushy mud puddles.

I love the warm breeze going through my hair.

The grass is starting to turn green.

People are making maple syrup 

In the sugar shack

And maple creemies.

I love the warm sun shining on me.


The green part of spring 

Is so joyful and happy.

I love watching the flowers bloom in the springy weather.

The flowing creek is so peaceful and calming to listen to.

In spring you can always hear the sound

Of the birds tweeting.

Spring is a joyful green.

When it’s green,

You can always hear the sound

Of the peepers peeping.